My goal is to empower others to be successful online.

Successful websites begin and end with their customers

I'll design and build you a website or an e-shop. Looking at this from the perspective of the customer, focusing on creating value for and retaining customers.

“Petr is always looking for a way to make customers happy. This approach makes more profit for the company. The partnership has brought both a sharp increase in website sales through the e-shop as well as a lot of new Facebook followers.

- Tomas Rejthar, CEO and co-founder of SAM 73

I programme using the most up to date technology, perfect for your business and your customers.

Successful websites begin and end with their customers

I develop and consult online marketing strategies. Focusing on business goals, customer needs, strategies, design, function & website copy. Everything must have a clear purpose and work well together.

“Petr Ogurcak made my personal online portfolio. He made web copy that grab visitor's attention. He was able to combine simplicity with effectivity. He explained me that design isn't just what it looks like. A web must work and must have a path to lead visitor to the conversion goal. I always listened to his advice and it payed off.”

- Gabriela Kucerova, freelance PPC consultant

Successful websites begin and end with their customers

I measure, track, test and analyse user behaviour. This is a continual process to optimise the user experience with the goal of giving visitors what exactly they're looking for.

I use the power of words to bring emotions and grab attention of visitors to your website.

I publish my opinions, simple tips & tricks, which could have a huge impact.