You manage emails poorly

9 March 2014 — 5 min read

They consume one third of our day. We can't tear ourselves away from them, whether it be on your computer either or mobile. All of us have them in a muddle. We don't know which we've already processed and we even forget to look at some of them. How can we process them more quickly and efficiently?

How we deal with emails?

  • They acount for 30% of our average workweek (science study).
  • We read and answer them on computers as well as on mobiles and tablets.
  • We have more than one mailbox – at least one personal and one corporate.

How to do it better?

If you haven't already, create na Gmail account.

Have all of your email adresses in one place

Import all of your accounts into Gmail. Afterwards, you could choose from which address a message would be sent. Previously you would have had to set up a forwarding from your non-Gmail accounts to your Gmail account.

Add all of your adresses into Gmail.

import of another email adress into Gmail

– import of an email adress into Gmail

Set up a signature for each adress.

setting up of a signature

– setting up of signatures for email adresses in Gmail

Use an accessible and fun application for iPhone and iPad

Download Mailbox app. You will love working wit it. Look at a short video:

End each day with an empty inbox

Dealing with emails in Mailbox is genius. You can easily swipe your message to your archive or trash. Furthermore, you can put it off until you need to deal with it. You can snooze an email until later today, tomorrow, next week, next month or an exact chosen date of your choice. You end each day with a clear inbox and you have only the important post in your inbox at every moment.

Often is necessary to filter mail into folders depending on how you'd like to treat it. You can shift an email to a folder such as To read, To buy, and etc. You can easily edit these folders.

archive delete


How to do that on desktop?

mailbox labels

Mailbox uses the power of labels in Gmail. You can easily archive an email by removing the Inbox label. You can delete it by moving it to trash. If you would like to put an email off you just remove the Inbox label and move it to the [Mailbox/later] folder.

And that's not all

Imagine you write a message on Saturday morning, but you don't want it to get lost in a mass of emails a receiver might get over the weekend. You want him or her to receive it on Monday morning. Instead of sending it now you can schedule it to be send on Monday at 8AM.

Not the right time to deal with an email? Postpone an email to receive it at the time you want.

Track if your email has been opened and if the links has been clicked. You need an answer within a week for example? Be reminded to follow up on an email if you haven't received a response in a designated time.

Or by recurring email send yourself or others a reminder for example to pay the rent.

Check out this video and install Boomerang.

Use stars

Important post or post which doesn't belong in inbox but it's needs to be visible mark as starred. Set up a second inbox for starred emails and put it on the right side of the main inbox.

multiple inboxes

– multiple inboxes

Have you sent a message with a mistake? You still have a few second to undo

Have you sent an email to the wrong person? Have you forgotten something? Have made a mistake? Gmail gives you a chance to undo.

In settings enable undo.


– enable undo

Will you be away of the office and still want them to have an answer?

Set up an out-of-office response.

out of office response

– out of office response

We manage emails daily so even a little help could have a huge impact in the long term.

Make progress but remain level-headed. Integrate methods and tools which make your work easier and quicker. On the contrary, get rid of those which don't fit you.

Now it's your turn: